Microsoft released a fix for audio glitches encountered by some Windows 10 users


After installing the recent cumulative update, some Windows 10 users reported some strange audio glitches, including some people heard “screaming loudly” sounds. If your Windows 10 device also has this problem, then installing the latest KB5003690 optional update should be able to fix this problem.

This audio problem was first reported in April this year, and this problem caused a lot of trouble for users. Microsoft previously admitted that the error affected some devices that use certain audio configurations, such as Dolby and 5.1 channels.

According to user testing, the optional update KB5003690 released this month finally fixes this problem. Users should no longer experience “high-pitched noise” or “squeaking” in some applications (such as Spotify or Groove Music). sound.

This issue still exists in the June cumulative update, which means that all supported Windows 10 versions are still affected. If you can’t wait until Patch Tuesday next month, you can download and install the optional update now.

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