Microsoft sends out “meditating villain” animation to show Windows 11 system


It may feel that the attention is not enough. Microsoft once again came forward to warm up the so-called new generation of Windows operating system. The Arabic numeral “11” figure appeared in the warm-up animation. It can be said that the hint is no longer obvious. It is worth noting that there is a meditating villain between the two 1s in 11 in the animation. With Microsoft’s attention to brain relaxation and rest, it is speculated that the Windows 11 system will add more detailed information such as remote meetings, DND, and time management. The functional characteristics of the system are convenient for users to find a balance between work and rest.


Considering that Microsoft has reiterated that Windows 10 will end its support after 10 years of service (October 14, 2025), the outside world speculates that this is also a front stop for Windows 11.


According to CEO Nadella and Microsoft Windows project managers, the new generation of Windows is the most important and exciting system in 10 years, and Windows 8 happened to be launched 10 years ago.


Judging from the current exposure, Windows 11 may correspond to the operating system codenamed Sun Valley. The UI/UX, icons, animations, etc. of the start menu, operation center, taskbar, settings, etc. interface have relatively obvious adjustments. In addition, the switch It seems that machine music will return after a lapse of 10 years.


The new generation of Windows system launch conference is scheduled to be held at 23:00 on June 24th, Beijing time. If nothing else, genuine users of the Win10 system will continue to upgrade for free.

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