Qualcomm looks forward to the future of 5G connectivity: smartphones, PCs, and XR continue to evolve, and millimeter waves develop rapidly


Since 5G was officially commercialized in my country in 2019, the speed of development has been leaps and bounds. As of the first quarter, a total of 819,000 5G base stations have been built in my country, and the number of 5G mobile phone terminal user connections has reached 285 million, and the world’s largest 5G mobile network has been built. More and more people have experienced the advantages of 5G network’s ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency, and ultra-high reliability.


Qualcomm is committed to promoting the large-scale expansion of 5G worldwide, and its product releases and technological evolution will have a significant impact on the 5G industry. So what is its view on how 5G will transform all walks of life?


At the Qualcomm Technology and Cooperation Summit 2021 held on May 21, Alex Katouzian, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobile, Computing and Infrastructure Business of Qualcomm Technologies, gave a comprehensive sharing with everyone.

“5G New World” is taking shape


How big is the influence of 5G? Katuzan is straight to the point: “With the continuous advancement of 5G innovation, a more mobile, intelligent and interconnected world is taking shape. Mobile connectivity and computing technologies are merging with traditional computing, edge terminals and the cloud, which will Change the way people work, live and play.”


In the smart phone, he was very excited to share a set of data: this year 5G global smart phone shipments will reach 4.5 to 5.5 million, and next year is expected to be over 750 million. This is due to the fact that Qualcomm’s 5G solution has fully covered the Snapdragon 8 series, 7 series, 6 series, and 4 series. Since the release of Qualcomm’s flagship chip Snapdragon 888 in December last year, more than 120 terminals have been designed and adopted worldwide, and 40 of them have been released or announced to be listed.


Qualcomm also launched a new Snapdragon 7 Series 5G mobile platform-Snapdragon 778G before this conference, which uses TSMC’s 6nm process and has powerful 5G, imaging, and AI capabilities. Its integrated Snapdragon X53 modem and radio frequency system supports millimeter wave and Sub-6GHz frequency bands, providing a truly global 5G connection. Mobile phone manufacturers including Honor, iQOO, Motorola, OPPO, Realme and Xiaomi will launch 5G smart terminals using this mobile platform.


In February of this year, Qualcomm also released the world’s first 10Gbps 5G modem and radio frequency system-Snapdragon X65. It can support up to 1GHz bandwidth by crossing the Sub-6GHz and millimeter wave frequency bands, and further enhances the carrier aggregation capability of the Sub-6GHz frequency band, as well as the support of millimeter wave 200MHz bandwidth-so as to meet the key requirements of China’s millimeter wave deployment.


For PC, XR and other terminals, high-pass data card for 5G launched the two new reference designs Xiaolong X65 and X62 5G modem and radio frequency systems-based, easy-enabled PC laptops, CPE, XR and other equipment, allowing users out A computer can easily connect to a 5G network up to 10Gbps; XR and other high-speed developing devices can also get rid of the shackles of wire, using the ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency of 5G networks to transmit massive amounts of data through the network, allowing users Step into the virtual world of ultra-high-definition panoramic view with almost no delay.


In the exhibition area of ​​Qualcomm and its major partners, we can also see that smart 5G connected cars will make traffic smoother and have a lower accident rate; 5G smart robots will help factories and personal lives more convenient and easier… Qualcomm is working together with partners, Let 5G transform all walks of life at a high speed.

Contribute to the development of China’s millimeter wave network


5G millimeter wave has the characteristics of large bandwidth and differentiated technology. It can provide larger bandwidth, larger capacity, and higher performance in dense hotspots. It can be widely used in scenarios such as smart factories, smart parks, and smart docks. Therefore, many countries also take seriously.


Kathuzan shared the development progress of various countries. For example, Italy, Japan, Singapore and the United States have deployed millimeter wave commercial networks, and more than 150 operators around the world are investing in millimeter wave technology. Of course, as a major 5G country, China also launched millimeter wave deployment preparations and tests last year.


Katuzan invited Mr. Ma Hongbing, general manager of China Unicom’s Science and Technology Innovation Department, to share the progress of 5G millimeter wave promoted by Qualcomm and China Unicom. During the MWC Shanghai exhibition in 2021, China Unicom and 39 partners jointly organized a millimeter wave zone to demonstrate the 5G millimeter wave real-time connection between the network and terminals based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon modem and radio frequency system. As the only official communication service partner of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China Unicom will deploy 5G facilities in and around the Olympic venues.


Katuzan also focused on the world’s first 10Gbps 5G modem and radio frequency system-Snapdragon X65. It can support up to 1GHz bandwidth across Sub-6GHz and millimeter wave frequency bands, providing a better 5G millimeter wave terminal experience, allowing terminal manufacturers to create stylish and thin mobile terminal designs while providing excellent data transmission rates, network coverage, Call quality and battery life all day long. Help China’s millimeter wave technology to accelerate the popularization.


He concluded by saying: “We are committed to continuously tapping the potential of 5G, and we have been striving to provide customers with the most comprehensive solutions. Qualcomm’s role in the industry is to support all ecosystem participants to create better quality new products and solutions by reducing complexity. Services. By accelerating the development of technological trends such as XR, autonomous driving, robotics and cloud services, we will be able to achieve innovation beyond imagination. We continue to invest in research and development, and sincerely cooperate with all important industry stakeholders to fully meet the needs of ecosystem development To jointly promote the rapid commercial use of 5G.”


As a 5G solution provider, Qualcomm insists on maintaining in-depth cooperation with partners to jointly promote the development of 5G in smartphones, PCs, XR, smart cars, and smart Internet of Things. At the same time, it continues to research and develop to accelerate 5G millimeter wave and other cutting-edge technologies Towards popularization. It is precisely because of the joint efforts of Qualcomm and partners from all walks of life that 5G can change all industries so quickly. The new world of 5G is accelerating. At the Qualcomm Technology and Cooperation Summit 2021, what we see is the new world of 5G. Dawn.

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