Ayesha Mulla

Actor, Entrepreneur amd now a successful musician – Ayesha Mulla is an inspiration


Ayesha Mulla moved to Dubai to test her fate and instead ended up creating her own life and destiny in not just one venture but many of them by sheer determination, hard work and passion.


Ayesha is a celebrated actor and has featured in various interesting genres of cinema. In fact, the entertainment industry has always fascinated her. She enjoyed music, dancing and slowly weaved a dream which she turned into a reality very soon. Her passion for music is unmatched and she not only tested it successfully but also gathered a huge audience and support for the same.


Ayesha Mulla loves music ardently and finds solace in the act of making, listening and spreading music. She writes her songs, curates their tunes and composes them wholeheartedly.

Ayesha Mulla
           Ayesha Mulla


PowerHouse of talent, Ayesha Mulla says, “Music is the food for the soul. It is a pathway to our memories. We are practically listening to music all the time, so my idea is to celebrate music in a way that it nourishes the listeners. At the same time I keep in mind the trends and habits of my audience. I give them what they want but with a touch of my passion in it. I think that’s one right way to be in touch with the audience and simultaneously follow one’s purpose.”


Ayesha Mulla is ambitious regarding the future. She aims to give her music an international platform and raise a global audience. This is also in tune with her plan to introduce her unique genre to the world.


Ayesha Mulla’s musical journey can be followed on Instagram where she regularly documents her life – https://instagram.com/ayeshamullaofficial?utm_medium=copy_link


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