Agency B: Although Microsoft acquired our “Death Cycle” console PS5 still dominates


Not long ago, Microsoft has formally acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of B agency, for US$7.5 billion, but this does not mean that B agency’s games will be monopolized on Microsoft’s platform. Recently, a spokesperson for Agency B said that although Microsoft acquired Agency B and “Death Cycle” developer Arkane, the console of “Death Cycle” is still dominated by PS5.

The latest issue of “Game Informer” magazine uses the “Death Loop” developer Q&A as its cover story, including a statement from the spokesperson of the B agency that the Arkane Studio is not currently developing the Xbox version of “Death Loop”.


A statement from the spokesperson of the B agency said: “This acquisition has not affected the daily development of “Death Cycle”. We are developing this game for PS5 and PC.”

Previously, according to the latest trailer of “Death Cycle”, the exclusive time of “Death Cycle” on PS5 was 1 year.


The end of the trailer shows that “Death Cycle” will not be available on other hosts before May 22, 2022. And “Death Cycle” will be released on May 21, 2021, landing on PC and PS5 platforms, that is, “Death Cycle” has an exclusive time on PS5 for 1 year.

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