iPhone 13 to provide a 1TB capacity version


According to the latest news from foreign media, iPhone 13 will provide a 1TB capacity version, while the current iPhone 12 series has a maximum capacity of 512GB. The report mentioned that the four iPhone 13 models are exactly the same as last year’s iPhone 12 series, but the bangs will be reduced and the configuration will be improved, especially the camera part.


According to sources, on the iPhone 13 Pro series, Apple will provide a 1TB version, but the price will be more expensive, almost in the rhythm of sky-high prices.

If this is the case, then the minimum version of the iPhone 13 Pro series starts with 256GB?

In January this year, Front Page Tech also reported that the next-generation iPhone 13 series will provide 1TB options. Currently, only the iPad Pro series 1TB capacities, but other smart market phone very early 1TB capacities, such as release two years ago Galaxy S10.


Prior to this there is news that Apple is building a fairly complete beauty of the iPhone, which removes the fringe, while the screen is large enough, but it is the folding screen version of the iPhone, has begun testing, but may not be so quick to enter market.

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