NASA releases high-definition photos of “Perseverance” Mars exploration area


According to foreign media reports, NASA’s Mars rover has safely reached the surface of Mars, and the real Mars exploration mission is about to begin. The latest Perseverance, like previous probes, should expect to have a long and exciting existence on this red planet, but if NASA wants it to detect the weak signs of past life on Mars-if it exists –The lofty goal, then you must ensure that you are exploring the right area.



It is reported that one of the areas is a huge, dry river delta, which flows through the Jezero crater where the probe is located. NASA has just shown this stunning photo.


In addition to studying the surface of Mars, NASA also hopes that Perseverance can detect signs of life on Mars. People think that the Jzero crater was once a huge lake, so it is a good idea to look for evidence here.


The river delta in the picture shows what NASA calls “the nature of Mars wetness in the past and intermittent time”, which is a goal that NASA has been considering long before the launch of the mission. This seems to be an excellent place to find evidence of past life, because there seems to be a sedimentary layer. On the earth, such sediments can preserve the secrets of biological activities for millions or even billions of years.

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