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Lexus accidentally exposed video of 2022 NX crossover


According to foreign media reports, Lexus accidentally uploaded a video on YouTube in which the appearance and internal design of the second-generation NX crossover that has not yet been made public is shown in this video. Although this video was quickly taken down, AvtoCorp re-uploaded this video to make people appreciate it.



Although the exterior design is quite familiar, the new NX is much smoother and more attractive than the previous model. The spindle grille is still retained, but an interesting grid pattern and artificial skateboard elements are also incorporated, and the LED headlights become moresleek. The fender flares have been made less aggressive.

At the back, the new NX has a full-width LED strip and some fake vents on the bumper. The taillights have a nice 3D shape. The NX in this video seems to be a standard model, so you can expect the F Sport package to bring a more radical style.


Perhaps what makes everyone excited is the completely redesigned interior. Regarding the cockpit of the new NX, the first thing everyone will notice is that Lexus has finally abandoned the terrible touchpad infotainment system and replaced it with a huge touch screen in the center of the dashboard. There are also physical knobs for climate control, which look like digital sliders for volume control, and several other buttons at the bottom of the screen. There is no analog clock this time, although having a clock is a hallmark of Lexus for decades.

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