Google announced that Android Jetpack Compose is now in beta testing


Google just announced through the Android developer blog that the Jetpack Compose framework has started beta testing. Before that, many developers have experienced the Alpha version of Jetpack Compose through the Android Studio integrated development environment of the Canary channel.



It is reported that Jetpack Compose is a new toolkit for building user interface (UI), and there are already a lot of introduction documents (portal).


Developers have tested it for a period of time before, but there are not many key changes in the Beta version (the API has remained basically unchanged).


However, when Android 12 is officially released in the second half of 2021, developers can also use Jetpack Compose immediately.

Neowin pointed out that since the first Alpha version was released, the Google team has added many new features to Jetpack Compose.


For example, support for Coroutines collaborative program and Talkback intercom system, and updated Animations animation effect API.


When using the Android Studio integrated development environment, you will also see new tools including real-time text, animation preview, combination support in the layout checker, interactive preview, and deployment preview.

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