Bitcoin rises and rises; Tesla may have earned more than $600 million from it

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As early as January, Tesla announced that it would change its investment strategy, began to increase its holdings of cryptocurrencies and gold, and invested as much as $1.5 billion in Bitcoin as soon as it shot .


Then, driven by Tesla and its CEO Musk, the price of Bitcoin has risen all the way. As of today, the price of Bitcoin has reached a new high of $52,000. This also means that Tesla may have earned more than $600 million in unrealized gains from this investment .



When Tesla invested in Bitcoin in January, the average price of Bitcoin was still around $35,000. Today, the price of Bitcoin has soared, and its price has reached US$52,000, which is about 48.6% higher than the price at the time of investment. Calculated according to the cost of 1.5 billion US dollars at the time of investment, the value of Bitcoin held by Tesla has exceeded 2.2 billion US dollars. Even after deducting the handling fee, the 600 million US dollars of income is easy.


Earlier, someone pointed out that Tesla’s CEO Musk’s successive tweets to Bitcoin is an act of “market manipulation” and called for an investigation of Musk. However, Musk was not affected in any way, and after that he also reversed the platform’s brand new “Dogecoin”, making the price of the virtual currency also experienced a round of surge.


In addition, Musk also said that Tesla will support Bitcoin delivery. According to rumors, he is also building a new Bitcoin payment transaction platform. But as of now, there is still no news on this platform. However, with a large corporate platform like Tesla, “coin speculation” will be very hot for a long time in the future. As for its impact on PC users’ purchase of hardware, it is estimated that it will last longer.

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