A 2,000-year-old village of palms and springs in Saudi Arabia become center of attention


Riyadh: There is a rare village of palms and springs in Saudi Arabia which has a history of two thousand years.

According to Al-Arabiya, there is a 2,000-year-old historical village in the Ibn al-Nakhl area of Medina in Saudi Arabia, which is famous for its water wells, springs and palms. The village has 99 freshwater springs.

Here you can see many stories, events, relics and relics of the early period of Islam and before that which take its viewers back thousands of years.

It is said that until 1400 years ago, trade caravans from Syria to Hijaz used to pass through this area and after the advent of Islam this area became a passage for trade and caravans of pilgrims.

Highlighting the historical aspects of the village, Saudi photographer and historian Abdullah al-Faris said the village is not only home to wells, springs and palms, but also a market town.

Popular places in this village are Mangal Bazaar, beautiful government offices, Jamia Masjid, Alisira village, Al-Bathana, Kheif Hussain and Suwaika Bazaar Ibn al-Nakhl is considered to be the watershed of the Arabian Peninsula.

Of the 99 springs of this village, Ain Al Jabriya, Ain Ajlan, Ain Al Fajja, Ain Alqam are famous while Jabal Rizvi and Diar Jhania are the most famous and big mountains in the mountains.

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