One8 Foundation and MA DESE partner to Expand the ST Math Massachusetts Program

The ST Math Massachusetts Program is projected to expand after the One8 Foundation, Mass STEM Hub, MIND Research Institute, and Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MA DESE) join hands for enhancing the access of this conceptual math program related to grades K-6 for Massachusetts schools. The expanded partnership between these institutions will play vital role in providing ST Math statewide. The initiative known as 2020 Mass Math, will keep meaningful learning befalling in the summer and during the 2020-21 school year.

ST Math provides a visual instructional platform that spurs the innate spatial-temporal reasoning ability in students’ brain to solve mathematical problems. ST Math helps students in learning the solutions for standard mathematical problems related to grad K-6 with the help of challenging puzzles, creative problem solving, and then the enlightening feedback. The report says there are nearly 200 schools that have applied for this program. Fee big names include Boston Public Schools, Lynn Public Schools, Peabody Public Schools, Cambridge Public Schools, and Pittsfield Public Schools.

The 2020 Mass Math Initiative was fathered mainly as a solution to the summer learning loss and the COVID-19 significant impact on education termed as “COVID slide” following the closures of schools and learning institutions.

Brett Woudenberg, CEO of MIND Research Institute, the nonprofit neuroscience and education organization behind ST Math commented, “In just two short years, we have been amazed at the impact we are seeing in Massachusetts with ST Math.”

Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education for Massachusetts Jeffrey Riley said, “I am grateful to One8 Foundation, Mass STEM Hub and MIND Research Institute for making this opportunity available.”

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