Qubz Becomes MGID’s Exclusive Representative in the Middle East And North Africa

Qubz has announced that the company has collaborated with the MGID to become the exclusive representative of company in the Middle East and North Africa or MENA region by focusing on Arabic-speaking countries. The collaboration will enable both the companies to monetize and publish their audience growth goals with the help of KPR native advertising.

MGID is a pioneer in native advertising and offers technology-driven platforms for real-time management, selling and buying of native ads. The company offers network services for 850 million unique readers globally. The company headquartered in Los Angeles and it has additional offices in Europe and the entire APAC region.

Regional business development director for MENA at MGID, Levgen said, “MGID is constantly advancing its product to provide something truly valuable for online publishers and advertisers. That is why we are so interested in the MENA region, with its high demand for new digital advertising tools.”

“This aligns perfectly with Qubz’s expertise and deep understanding of marketers in Arabic-speaking countries. I am sure that the union of our assets will increase traffic, engagement, and revenue for our advertisers and publishing partners in the region,” Levgen further added.

“Qubz is very excited and proud to represent MGID in the MENA Region. We strive for innovation and together with MGID, we can master the market. Technology, along with experience, will be our ingredients to maximize the potential of the region,” Levgen further added in his statement.

About Qubz:

Qubz is basically a leading network expert in the Middle East and North Africa region. It is the mission of the company to connect the right publishers and advertisers to each other by focusing on performance. The company helps the advertisers and publishers to generate revenues by adopting top of the line native advertising technology.

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