Quest Diagnostics Starts Covid-19 Antibody Test Via Its New Service QuestDirect

Quest Diagnostics, a leading healthcare provider that empower people to improve health outcomes, has announced on Tuesday April 28, 2020, that the company has launched its dedicated services QuestDirect to test the Covid-19 Antibody Test.

According to the details released by the PR News Wire News Agency, the new Covid-19 Antibody test will help to broaden the scope of Covid-19 Antibody Testing in the United States. The company has announced its Antibody test service for major healthcare providers, who can easily order the kits on the behalf of their patients. Furthermore, the company has also provided this test service for individual, who can easily apply for the test service on the company’s online web portal.

Quest Diagnostics further said that each testing kit is reviewed and issued by a licensed practitioner. Furthermore, all the individuals can speak with the physician about the result of the antibody testing.

With the help of QuestDirect Covid-19 Antibody Test Service, individuals can take a better look into whether they have or they have not exposed to the Covid-19 pandemic and have antibodies for the pandemic.

Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President for Quest Diagnostics, Jay Wohlgemuth said, “With the introduction of this test and service, Quest is making it easy for people to access quality testing for antibodies to the virus which causes COVID-19, with access to physician interpretation and steering into needed care.”

“While the science on COVID-19 is evolving, testing for antibodies may identify people who have likely been exposed to COVID-19 and might have mounted an immune response to the virus.  Our goal is to empower individuals and their physicians to make informed decisions about their risk of infection and of spreading the virus,” Said CMO and SVP Wohlgemuth.

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