US Lawmakers Question Amazon Boss About Firing Protesting Worker

5 US Senators want an explanation from Amazon Boss about firing a protesting worker during the ongoing corona-virus Pandemic.

According to the copy of Letter obtained by Reuters, an Ex-Amazon Employee Christian Smalls came to the company’s New York warehouse for a small protest to demand the closure of company’s site. Workers of the Amazon Warehouse feared infection of the pandemic after one of their colleague confirmed with COVID-19 pandemic.

Ex-Amazon Worker Christian Smalls was organizing a protest for the closure of facility to prevent the further spread of novel coronavirus.

According to Reuters, the US leading eCommerce giant said that it had fired its worker after he had contact with the COVID-19 patient, who violated the paid quarantine to join the protest for the closure of a company warehouse. The sudden dismissal by the Amazon has prompted the city’s mayor to announce a transparent probe in to the matter and he also asked the Attorney General to demand independent inquiry into the matter.

US officials have said that everybody has a right of peaceful protest and it is the bedrock of our economy.

“The right to organize is a bedrock of our economy, responsible for many of the greatest advances achieved by workers over generations,” the letter said.

On the other hand, the US eCommerce Store has said that it had fired its worker not because he staged protest, because he put the life of his colleagues in danger after contacting with the Covid-19 patient.

The company further said that due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, it is taking extreme caution to contain the spread of the virus.

However, the leaked notes from the Amazon Executive meeting has made a new twist in the story, as Amazon General Counsel described the fired worker as “not smart, or articulate.”

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