China Order Search Engine Baidu To Restrict Its Content Review Policy

China’s Powerful state-owned Internet Regulator, Cyberspace Administration of China, has ordered Baidu to review its content review policy and halt the spread of improper information to the users.

According to the report published in Reuters, the Cyberspace Administration of China has said in an official WeChat account that Baidu has not restricted its content review policy, therefore “it has exerted a bad influence to the society.”

The Chinese Search Engine Baidu has responded on its dedicated mobile app that the company is taking necessary actions in line of the state-owned internet regulator by suspending some of the channels in its App. However, the company had declined to comment on when it is going to resume the operations again.

Baidu, Inc. provides Internet search services in China and internationally. It operates through two segments, Baidu Core and iQIYI. The Baidu Core segment offers products for uses, including Baidu App to access search, feed, and other services using mobile devices; Baidu Search to access its search and other services through its other properties and Union partners; Baidu Feed that provides users with personalized timeline based on their demographics and interests; Haokan, a short video app; and Quanmin, a flash video app for users to create and share short videos.

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