About Us

About US

NEWSWALKING reports timely news updates from the world of investing, finance and business in order to break down information barriers, level the playing field and help all individuals and investors to make investment decisions. NEWSWALKING is backed by a team of professional journalists, traders and investors.

NEWSWALKING delivers continuously latest news stories to hit the Finance and Business world, covering a diverse range of focus including Business News, Technology news, and trending market mover’s stories. NEWSWALKING delivers latest news, information and social interaction network – collecting many sources to inform, engage and entertain. As an organization, we embrace new ideas and innovation.

NEWSWALKING has always stood for and delivered the news that matters most to our community. More recently, it has become your best source for real-time news – from down the street to across the world. Serious journalism remains our mission. We are more committed than ever to delivering the hard-hitting, comprehensive news you expect online.

NEWSWALKING is used by professional traders, portfolio managers, value and activist investors, analysts, retail traders, and individuals to monitor, be up to date on, and improve their investment and trading decisions, while spending less time on research and testing. Our differentiated content, financial analysis, and trading models, together with our continuous technological advancements for development and research, creates an invaluable asset in the world of finance.